Kelso Kontracting

Silage Making and Rural Contracting in Otago and Southland

Kelso Kontracting Co. Ltd operates a seasonal silage-making business as well as offering a range of year-round rural contracting services from its new premises near Tapanui in west Otago, just northeast of Gore.

Kelso Kontracting was established in 1993 in the nearby former township of Kelso, and is a thriving family business, run by father and son team Athol and Hamish Lawlor.  Read more here About Kelso Kontracting.

Kelso Kontracting silage making service for reliable winter feed

Our silage-making business is aimed at providing farmers and lifestyle block owners in Otago and Southland with a professional and efficient service for harvesting and processing this important source of winter feed.  Contact Us to discuss your silage-making requirements,

Mobile Rock and Stone Crushing

Kelso Kontracting is bringing new technology to rock crushing. This new rock and stone crushing machine is mounted on a late model tractor and is able to crush rock or gravel in situ. Kelso Kontracting use this machine to crush rock to a suitable size for dairy lanes, farm tracks or forestry roads. It is used on both new and existing dairy lanes and roads. We use this machine in conjunction with our other machinery, grader,roller,water cart and compactor. Kelso Kontracting have also used this machine for industrial uses and has been used on the Stockton Mine haul road on the West Coast. Kelso Kontracting  is innovative and uses the latest technology and up to date machinery to achieve cost efficient and superior outcome for all our clients

Innovation and Efficiency on Rural Contracting Services

Since 1997 Kelso Kontracting has expanded its silage-making operation to include a range of other important rural contracting services that it provides year-round.   Rural contracting services include building laneways, excavating for dams, shed sites, and drainage, preparing base-courses for roading, cutting in new tracks and laying fence-lines.  Kelso Kontracting has developed a range of innovative techniques to make much of its contracting work more cost-effective and efficient for its growing rural client base.  

Our experience in sheep to dairy farm conversions and general farm improvements allows us to offer sound advice in where and how to make changes to your property.

For a quality rural contracting service that is both smart and affordable, talk to Kelso Kontracting.